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behind the brand

Being a parent gives us the privilege of seeing the world through the eyes of our children. Our little bundles of joy dream big: a brave little explorer fantasizing about discovering the world or flying into space, a dreamy unicorn rider, or maybe a daring pilot mesmerized by a plane passing in the sky... Whatever they are, those first dreams really let their imagination fly.

DREAMS ON THE WALL's ultimate mission is to redefine children's wallpaper from simply a wall cover option to the must-have décor item for a nursery, child's bedroom or play space. Our products are more than just beautiful - they are designed to help bring children’s imaginative play to life and foster their creative thinking.

Dreams on the Wall was created by an INSEAD MBA graduate and a mother of three, looking to design murals that capture children’s dreams and nurture their passion. Our products are available worldwide and come with a range of free customization options to add a personal touch and suit the specific interior space. We offer a broad choice of styles to choose from, from subtle prints to the “DREAMS ON THE WALL” collection of personalized murals where children become the protagonists of their dreams. This is a place where parents can encourage the fantasies of their children and create a unique space for them.

Little can compare to seeing true happiness in the eyes of our loved ones.
We hope our products can bring a little more of this joy to your home.