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We produce made to measure wallpapers, you will receive the pre-cut panels to fit your exact wall dimensions (plus 5 cm margins on each side to account for possible wall imperfections). All you need to do is to apply them to your walls. Our guide will help you hang your beautiful wallpaper. These simple instructions have been tested by our team and will help you make the process smooth and easy. For a team of 2 people covering 1 wall will take approximately 1,5-2 hours.
Following tools are good to have
Apply paste onto the wall with a roller. Put on paste for about 2-3 lengths at a time. Use a brush to apply paste by ceiling, floor and edges.
Pull up one pannel and hang it on the pasted wall. Make sure you have a few extra centimeters of wallpaper at the ceiling and floor and make sure that the wallpaper hangs straight.
Make sure that the wallpaper hangs correctly by hanging a pair of scissors on a string from the ceiling.
Smooth the section of wallpaper from the top down and from the centre outwards. Use a wallpaper brush or spatula and make sure that all air bubbles are removed.
Trim excess wallpaper using a sharp wallpaper knife.
Hang the next section by butting the edges together. Make sure that the pattern matches across the two sections. Wash away excess paste with a damp, soft sponge. Do not rub.
Make sure to ventilate the room well to make the wallpaper dry.