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…create a play space
that is completely bespoke

A stimulating environment is one of the best ways to develop a rich imagination during the early years.
 creates murals
and wallpapers
that capture
wildest dreams
and nurture their creative thinking…Each design comes with a range of free customization options so that you can create a play space that is completely bespoke.

…open up a world where
unicorns are real

DREAMS ON THE WALL opens up a world to your child where
unicorns are real and dreams become reality. With designs that can even feature a photo of your child, these magical murals help bring their imagination to life! 

…make a style statement
your kids will love

Want to make a style statement your kids will love? Go large with a full wall mural from DREAMS ON THE WALL. Choose from a range of storybook designs or commission your own custom version - anything is possible...

…enchanting wallpapers
will turn your child's wall
into a fairy tale

From whimsical patterns to highly customisable murals featuring a photo of your child, DREAMS ON THE WALL’s enchanting wallpapers will turn your child's wall into a fairy tale! 

…unlock the imaginative
potential of your nursery walls

…Reinventing children’s wallpaper…thinking beyond simple décor to something more educational, infused with a strong creative stimulus. If you think about it, a simple wall takes up a lot of space in a room and there is so much you can do with it. With a little imagination, a mural can open up a world where a child’s most daring dreams come true.